DOUBLE Burnout By 2 FORD GTs! Leaving Some Elevens Behind!

DOUBLE burnout Side-by-Side By 2 FORD GTs! Leaving Some Elevens on the Tarmac in Tandem!!!

It is always interesting when two same-model cars take it head to head! This time, we are going to show you a real clash between 2 Ford GTs that actually went for a drag race!!! As they were both on the starting line and their legs were impatient to hit the gas pedal, they both made AMAZING burnouts on the launch! Smoke came out and almost covered the visible area, the crowd certainly liked it! However, only one could be the winner! But it does not really matter since they are both GREAT CARS -- identical cars actually! Check out those awesome rides in the video below!!!

Finally, check how to use Ford’s line lock for some burnout!

Enjoy the video below!

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