Ford F-150 on 28-Inch Dub Flash Jamming Rims!

Ford F-150 on 28-Inch Dub Flash Jamming Rims! 3 TVs in the Middle Console and 2 TVs in the Dashboard!

Still in the category showing wheels below 30 inch. Despite that, you are going to see a stunning vehicle in this video. It is a question of the Ford F-150! But not a regular one, just with 28″ rims, yet with a cool paintjob, suicide doors, long bed and a very loud interior! Not only the interior has a loud sound system, but also has uniquely designed seats and several screens too! A ride in this truck would be a real delight. Now, when we heard the sound coming from the speaker we are curious to find out what kind of sound is released from the machine? But maybe some other time.


Enjoy the video below!

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