Check The CHEVY CAMARO BumbleBee On 24-Inch DUB Rims!

Check out this CHEVY CAMARO BumbleBee On 24-Inch DUB Rims! Definitely , it look like the transformers car 🙂

Now we are going even lower with the number in the rims` size. This time they are not nearly the 30 inch size. We are talking about a decent digit of 24 inch. Thumbs up for the owner who came up with the idea to paint his Camaro and the wheels yellow, adding proper black stripes. This car is the Jackpot! A brand name with striking yellow paint. No offence but you have to be color blind in order to miss such a car. What is your opinion on this? Do you think there is something to be done to make this vehicle look better or is it fine as it is?

Anyway, this Bumblebee here is setting a record in a different way!

Enjoy the video below!

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