Watch this incredible video of the Flying Car “Pal-V One” that is actually HALF CAR / HALF HELICOPTER! Picture yourself in a traffic jam, late for something and you need to get away but you can`t. The thing you are about to see can be the solution for this problem! The PAL-V ONE presents your own two seated land and air vehicle. When it is on the ground, it gives you the comfort of an automobile and is agile as a motorbike. You can take it to the closest runway, unfold the rotor and propeller, and take off! In the air, on the other hand, it must exceed the altitude of 4000 feet, because the space above that height is reserved for the commercial air traffic. Also, it can reach speed of 180 mph both on land and in air.

So turn the speakers on and enjoy in the one of the greatest innovation nowadays. 

Enjoy the video below!

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