Check Out The Best Furious 7 Action Scenes on Pikes Peak!

According to a report in a local Colorado`s journal, Universal studios are going to film a scene from the seventh part of the incredible Fast & Furious, on Pikes Peak, this September. A word has also been out that Paul Walker was recently been the Marshal of the annual race, that took place on Pikes Peak. The Furious 7 action scenes are the best!

According to The Gazette, there was a statement that the Pikes Peak highway shall be entirely or partly closed during September, due to an upcoming filming. Officially, nothing`s been confirmed, but the word is that it`s going to be Fast & Furious 7. The film crew is going to gather in the mountain for two weeks, but once the highway is opened, everybody`s welcomed. A recent report states that the martial arts star Tony Jaa is now part of James Wan team.  Knowing what we know about huge Hollywood productions, this place may as well be just a double for another location where the story is actually going to happen, so will have to wait and see.