All the 17 Actors From Fast and Furious 7!

Here they are people! The actors that are going to make this sequel of the Fast And Furious franchise the best so far! Some of them you know, some of them are new due to various circumstances. However, this movie will always have a black unfortunate stain behind its name. The tragic demise of one of the lead actors, Paul Walker, is going to leave a permanent mark. But we are convinced that the production will do everything in its power to pay tribute to Paul Walker`s enormous contribution! Nevertheless, we are eagerly waiting for the premiere to see what has been done.


1. Vin Diesel -- ” Dominic Toretto “


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41 thoughts on “All the 17 Actors From Fast and Furious 7!

  1. Jane Mckinley

    Good looking crew!!! Its gonna be great!! I will help to tie
    into the next one 😉

    1. tolmuimeja24

      its not the crew its the main actors

    2. matiu edwards

      well now there wont be a next one seeing as Paul is gone…… yes i know this is an old comment

    3. abescat

      RIP tu paul walker tu nous manqueras et je souhaite un bon courage pour c est amie et sa faille

      1. abescat

        RIP tous mes condonleance pour la famille et amie tu nous manqueras paul walker repose en paix

    4. Valdennis

      Where is TONY JAA????…

  2. a.r.vindhan

    where is the rock

  3. Snugglz069

    Cole and Brian back from the past. Not too sure about this group. Eclectic group. Looking forward to fast cars and some action! Hope itas up for all the hype they are giving it.

  4. vitamin

    all are better except u we are eager ……..

  5. luis villa

    Ride or die:)

  6. where is gal gadot

  7. Alexandra Ramirez

    Last Movie For Paul Walker! 🙁

  8. Neckbonekat

    RIP Paul Walker. Your presence will be greatly missed.

  9. Daryl pereira

    R.I.P Paul Walker

  10. Nannette Kell

    I’m am I’m just such shock to hear that one of the best actors died on 11/30/2013 u will be great missed R.I.P PAUL WALKER

  11. Faboulous

    REST IN PEACE Paul Walker

  12. marisol

    All great actors paul walker will greatly b miss r.i.p

  13. jonny ngo

    You should bring back Suki

  14. raj

    will miss paul walker

  15. Sally Fox

    R.I.P Paul Walker 🙁

  16. zaid

    Paul walker :'(

  17. Mohammad

    who should replace with Paul Walker?

  18. T

    R.I.P. Paul Walker – “ Brian O’Connor ” for it was great movies you brought us! my thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends

  19. Marius

    R.I.P. Paul Walker….. :((

  20. dmxjall

    Was ist mit Paul Walter. Der ist ja tod. Wie soll der Film jetzt noch was werden.

  21. razi

    Dear all!
    You All know that! Paul hawker gone! This bring a great lost in Hollywood industries!

  22. sehrish

    paul walker no more. we miss him . R.I.P

  23. Theo Palavras

    What’s going to happen now that Paul Walker is not longer with us. May he Rest in peace

  24. carollis

    R.I.P PAUL WALKER :'( :'( </3

  25. D.K. Monica, Carter and Leon, and Twinkie Are Fast characters that need to come back ! also Jesse’s father aka Kurt Russell !!!! fast and furious 7 April 10 2015 Paul Walker make This great Actors return !!!!!!!!!

  26. Brian Tee aka D.K. Takashi need to return to fast 7 only because he wants revenge on Sean Boswell !!!

    April 10th 2015

  27. Cole Hauser aka Carter Verone need to return to fast 7 because he wants revenge on Brian and Roman !!!!!
    Mostly Roman !! lol
    April 10th 2015 !!!!

  28. Eva Mendes aka Monica Fuentes need to return to fast 7 because she works with Hobbs with the DSS now !!!

    April 10 2015 !!!

  29. Johnny Strong aka Leon need to return to fast 7 because his is a old member of Do’s crew one of the originals just like vince he live in Tokyo now he teams up with Ian shaw to take Dom and his crew down but Latter at the end of the movie he Helps Dom and Hobbs take Shaw Down for GOOOD !
    April 10th 2015 !!!!!!

  30. Mauris

    Cárter Verón en la fast and the furious 7 Paul walker estará en el principio de la movie pero para solpresa de los fans su hermano cody walker continuar con la parte que dejaron después del terrible accidente que le quitó la vida a este grand actor Paul walker y lo recuerdo como es un actor alegre como dijo el cuando muera no me lloren si no sonrían

  31. Very attractive, think my eyes just got burned. Someone is a lucky person.

    1. This comment was to be under photo #10

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