EXTREME Wood Cutting Machine!

We have seen some very powerful and complex purpose built machines to wreak havoc out there, however, this extreme wood cutting monster definitely deserves a second look. This wood cutting machine is just downright insane! This monstrous machine doesn`t just pick up huge tree trunks, but also strips them down boneless and splits the trunks up to be useful as various end products like firewood. It manages to do all of this in just one fell swoop. Watching this machine working is a feast for one`s eyes. Just imagine how many hours this would take if you would want to do this with nothing but an axe and some elbow grease.

EXTREME Wood Cutting Machine 2

Having said that, it`s incredible to think how much this machine can do without breaking a sweat. This extreme wood cutting monster is splitting massive trunks of wood into slim little slices within mere minutes. The excavators that are doing this gigantic work without breaking a sweat are equipped with RaMec firewood processors. They are produced by Raumec Oy which is a Finnish company that specializes in manufacturing and the conception of excavator heads.

This Finnish company is also the pioneer when it comes to the excavator`s auto-steering device. They were the first one to successfully develop this technology. Their Exc`s Tilt-Rotator is still one of the most advanced machines that can be found on the market. So, when you see that something new is released by Raumec Oy, you better pay close attention as it might be the next big thing in this industry.

Finally, check out this wood processor called RaMec!