Concorde Could Cross Atlantic In 3.5 Hours & Failed – Why?

Over the years and most specifically during the Cold War some utterly amazing planes have been designed and manufactured hereby the competition was tough, and this is exactly how we got the Concorde, a plane that could cross Atlantic Ocean in just whooping 3.5 hours but it stopped flying in 2003. We are all wondering what happened and what went so bad to stop this supersonic marvel from flying in the sky? For almost 30 years the Concorde was a reliable and one of the best planes, if not the best, to travel from London to New York in just over 3.5 hour`s time.

Concorde Could Cross Atlantic 2

So what was so special about this specific plane, what characteristics made this plane to be so glorious and travel at such high speed? Well, to begin with we take a look at its design. It had to be long and narrow and the paint was twice as reflective as other jets due to the high heat that is generated while flying at such supersonic speed. But it is the Delta wings that made this plane so glorious. Also the Concorde had a feature called the “droop snoot” which meant that the snoot would move down in order for the pilots to see the runway during landing.

But a devastating crash on July 2000 killed 113 people on the flight. This was caused due to a tire puncture. Other factors also were important, such as the 9/11 attacks and the loud noise. If it was not for the devastating crash, could have the plane cross Atlantic today?

Time for some history, June 15, 1919 and crossing the Atlantic!