Extreme Motorcycle Drifting & Gymkhana On Ice! Unbelievable!

CHECK THIS Extreme Motorcycle Drifting & Gymkhana On Ice in Sweden! THIS GUY IS FULL OF SKILLS!!!

Are you ready for some action by the one and only -- Jorian Ponomareff?! The French is here once again -- in Sweden actually -- to show you all the skills he has! The STUNT PERFORMER from Montpellier has decided to do some GYMKHANA on a motorbike as he uses the snow dunes as obstacles and the ice as a drifting path!!! Anyway, the video you are about to see will give you the maximum ENJOYMENT as you relax your eyes watching all the white paradise and widely opening them in the same time as Jorian does his drifting and stunting!!! There is nothing more to be said, enjoy this MASTERPIECE!!!

P.S. The crazy stunt with the truck at the 2 min. is wild. However, it looks like he ran over, but he was on the other side of the truck already…

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I hope this VIDEO will make your day! Drifting on ice! ENJOY!!!


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