Incredible Motorcycle DRIFTING GYMKHANA With Jorian Ponomareff!

When it comes to showing skills, there is nothing more provable than DRIFTING! Some of you are car drifting fans, whereas others prefer motorbike! This one will please the needs of the motorbike fans! Take a look at the super-talented Jorian Ponomareff who will show you HOW THINGS ARE DONE! The elegance in his motions is hard to see anywhere else and the way he passes the cones without hitting even ONE OF THEM is remarkable!!! Also, you will see what happens when a young and attractive BLONDE distracts you! So, feel free to play the video, go full screen, turn the volume up and enjoy! Watch this “OLD BUT GOLD” Incredible motorcycle Drifting Gymkhana With Jorian Ponomareff!

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