Ever Seen The WIND TURBINE Making Process?! See How It’s Done!

Wind turbines help the environment and that is a fact! There are countries in the world that fully rely on this system as they invest and build turbines all over their countries – The Netherlands are just one example! You wonder why? Or how the Wind Turbine making process goes? They are used to convert the wind, which is a renewable source of energy – to electricity!

By doing this, they are helping us to keep the environment! Imagine a fan, it has blades and uses electricity to produce wind. Well, the wind turbine does the exact opposite! The wind rotates the blades and produces electricity!

Now, here is a video of the Wind Turbine Making Process, where everything is shot perfectly and everything is explained! You will see how it is built from the ground up! After preparing the surface which takes you about two days so the concrete would cure, you finally put 1.500 yards of soil over it and level it!

The blades are usually 173 feet long, at least that`s the case with the one being built in the video and weight 27K pounds! After having all the materials, the construction should get underway, see how!

To learn more about MidAmerican Energy -- the company that implements this technology, follow this link and visit the official page!