We have written articles about floating objects, like yachts, boats and even cars and trailers. But with this story, we are taking the floating objects to a whole new level. It is a word of the Manta ray-like futuristic floating city named MÉRIENS! Designed by the French architect Jacques Rougerie, it is supposed to be the home of 7,000 inhabitants! However, there is a “downside”. Not every person can live in it. In fact, if it is going to be made, there will be only scientists and science students living in it. These people will conduct marine researches.

Furthermore, this university city has some imposing dimensions. For instance, it is 2950 feet long and 1650 feet wide! The idea of this creation is to be totally sustainable, i.e. to use renewable energy and produce no waste at all! You can see in the video that the upper deck is thought to be ordered with wind turbines. Additionally, the Mériens continues up to 400 feet in below the water surface, enabling the water research. This city is not only environmentally friendly, but also people friendly! In other words, it is unlocked for every nation on the planet!

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