Enormous Russian Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach! PHOTOSHOP?

Weird things can be found when you browse the Internet. Nobody has been immune to this phenomenon. We have all seen at least a couple of videos with animals doing crazy things, UFO sightings and funny movie parodies. The list just goes on and on. This video however, has to be one the weirdest ones we have stumbled upon! These kinds of things don`t happen in the USA! Things are quite different in other parts of the world though.  Check out this Enormous Russian Military Ship That Lands On Busy Beach! We couldn`t believe that a Russian hovercraft can just appear on the beach until we saw this video! Did you think this is photoshoped? Well it isn`t!

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15 thoughts on “Enormous Russian Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach! PHOTOSHOP?

  1. I don’t think so….may be or not

  2. Brahuki

    It’s clearly fake. The ship made no waves and a ship that side should make some big waves. Also the people didn’t seem to move, if a ship that big was coming your way would you stand there and watch it hit you?

    1. Kris

      Hovercraft does not make waves they ride on a cusion of air

    2. bob

      dude you should think before you talk or write in this matter for the first on all the vids people are standing and looking on it and for the second as the other said its a hovercraft so no waves 3rd the video quality is the same with the pixels

  3. Lakes_Biker

    Huge hovercraft!

    1. Johnny

      Oh yes it is 🙂 Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  4. Robert

    Awesome videos… I envy those people at the beach 😀

  5. Its a hovercraft thsts why thered no waves ive seen bigger then this

  6. dar

    Its not a fake. this is military training ground only people like this beach.

  7. GONZI

    it is world of technologe, so let us appriciet each and everything in genaration

  8. Duhpeople

    Wow you people are gullable xD it is fake. One, hovercrafts still make waves. And two. . 95% of the people are just vacationing not even looking at the boat. A lot of people never even look in that direction the entire time. One lady even was facing towards the camera and looks like she was shaving or checking something on her body, completely oblivious to something is clearly not actually their

  9. Franco

    Definitely fake. Many of those on the beach didn’t even bother looking at it!

  10. Phil

    This is the Russian ZUBR class hovercraft. Hovercraft operate in 2 modes. Displacement and non displacement. Yes we still create ” waves ” or “wakes”. More so at certain speeds than others! Feel free to question my statements and I can provide background for you!

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