ENERCON E 126 – The Most Powerful & Largest Wind Turbine In The World! Anyone?

Enercon is a German manufacturer and one of the leading manufacturers of wind energy converters. They offer products and services to support the implementation of a wide variety of wind energy projects in all parts of the world. Enercon`s range of standard products starts at the smallest wind turbine with a rated power of 330 kilowatts and goes all the way up to 7.5 megawatts. Check out ENERCON E 126!

The Most Powerful Wind Turbine in The World Enercon E126 4

Certain turbine types are designed especially for high to medium wind speeds. Towers are available in numerous variations made from steel or precast concrete and can reach height of up to 452 feet. In this one, we got the biggest of them all – the Enercon E 126!

The Enercon E 126, is the first of its kind with 7 megawatts rated power. It has a staggering rotor diameter of 413 feet, a hub height of 450 feet, and total height of 650 feet. Two of these gigantic wind power units can be found in Germany. One in Rysumer Nacken, which is located close to Emden, and the other can be found in northwest Germany. They are specifically built at an onshore position for testing. Each wind turbine is expected to deliver about 18 Mio kWh annually. That is sufficient for more than 4500 homes. Great times ahead when it comes to wind power. Click on the video below and enjoy!

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