Viral Video! Wicked Mother With A Wookie Mask Can’t Stop Laughing Hysterically! She Looks Hilarious Whatsoever!

The highly anticipated Star Wars Episode VIII, won`t be released until 2017. However, that anticipation boiled over even more with the introduction of this awesome electronic Wookie mask! A major geek-out happened when Candace Payne from Texas introduced this Wookie mask on the internet! Candace Payne from Texas who is a mother of two set a new record for a Facebook live video! Her video went completely berserk with views!

In this video you will see the laugh that was heard all around the world. Candace Payne bought her Wookie mask from Kohl`s and she decided to record herself trying it on. While trying it on, she starts to laugh hysterically and uncontrollably! Quickly after she shared this video on the 19th of May, it went completely viral! Immediately after she gained 54.2 million views, Kohl completely sold out all of their Wookie masks online! Kohl told Forbs that after Candace Payne shared her video, there was massive amount of interest for their Wookie masks!

Candace Payne who wears a Death Star t-shirt here, must be a massive Star Wars fan. She reportedly said that she went back to Kohl in order to return some things that didn`t fit. And while returning those items, she stumbled on this magnificent Wookie mask that made her day! She explains in the video that she didn`t bought the mask for either of her sons. She actually bought it for herself as a birthday present. But of course, Candice also explains that she is not a bad mom and she will let her sons play with it. But at the end of the day, that mask will go in her room and not in their toy box.

And who can blame her? This hilarious Wookie mask is designed in a magnificent way. Wherever the wearer makes a sound, the mask emits Chewy`s famous call!

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