Old Man Skateboarding In His 80s Does AWESOME TRICKS!

This is what we needed for a long time now. A video that will make you laugh, that will impress you and amuse you in the same time. Spanish TV Station “Antena 3” decided to do a PRANK, and to do it, they used one of the World`s most famous skater – Danny Leon! The idea was absolutely brilliant, he was to be disguised as an 80 year old man skateboarding and presenting his SKATE talent! Of course, he was not taken seriously. Let`s be honest here, what would you say to a grandpa with a skateboard? Well, what they didn`t know was that under the mask, hides Danny Leon who will blow off their minds as he does those fabulous tricks!

He starts off with a simple “kick flip” as the whole crowd widely opens their eyes in the sign of amazement! And then, the party (prank) begins! He slides into the pool where he does a back flip, front flip, 360 melon, grinding and everything else!!! The expressions on the kids` faces were AMAZING when they saw the old man skateboarding and  hitting the pool! It really was amazing, see for yourself!

To see more of Danny Leon, follow this link! This guy is genius!