Meet The Electric Car Pusher! CarDaddy Pushes Stalled Trucks & Cars Into Service Garages!

This Electric Car Pusher goes by the name of CarDaddy is designed to push vehicles that run with pneumatic tires like trucks, cars, campers and buses. Like the name indicates it`s fully battery operated. It`s capable of pushing trucks and cars that weigh 20,000 pounds and 10,000 pounds on a 3% grade. However, there is even a more powerful model with the same name that has a Transaxle Power Upgrade/Heavy Duty Motor Upgrade. With this one you can push trucks and cars that weigh even 50,000 pounds. It also has the option to add ice and snow tires, foam filled tires, a flashing light or a safety horn.

This machine is extremely practical for every mechanic shop to keep employees injury free but also to protect cars of damage. Overextending the body of the worker when manually pushing vehicles from the parking place into the service center garage is very unhealthy for the worker and can lead to various injuries like shoulder and back strain. The push part at the front of this Electric Car Pusher is designed of a durable and soft padded material that is designed to sustain the integrity and pain of the rear end of the vehicle. So the use of this great invention is pretty much evident by improving service levels and also generating additional profits.

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