Hyundai Motorsport Started the Testing Activity with the Upgraded Hyundai i20 WRC!

hyundai i20 wrc test 4

Hyundai Motorsport has taken its upgraded Hyundai i20 WRC onto the road to start its testing program, after several months of intensive preparation at its new headquarters in Alzenau, Germany.

The technical team of Hyundai Motorsport completed the rollout with successful shakedown on a private testing, in order to prepare for entry in the 2014 WRC (World Rally Championship) organized by FIA(Federation Internationale de l`Automobile).

This 550-kilometer, 3-day shakedown took park after the first comprehensive testing session, from where the valuable data was taken to special engineer`s` analysis at the Hyundai Motorsport facility. The major focus was on the i20 WRC`s 1.6-liter turbocharged engine and all key areas of the racing car`s performance were evaluated in details.

For the Team Principal Michel Nandan it was very emotional moment to see the latest upgraded specification of the i20 WRC on track for the first time. He said, they have very intensive schedule for testing till the end of the year. The team should evaluate the i20 WRC in several different conditions and terrains, similar to those in the World Rally Championship in 2014, in order to ensure that Hyundai Motorsport will arrive ready to compete.

Michel announced that learning from the first tests was quite positive, so the team has now useful feedback to digest for all the next steps of the preparation.

Hyundai Motorsport designed i20 WRC at Hyundai`s Namyang R&D Center in Korea and it was upgraded to the race-ready level at the Hyundai Motorsport Headquarters in Alzenau, Germany.

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