There are probably not many people in America who have not watched at least one episode of the YouTube heroes – Dude Perfect! In case there is someone, and that`s you, we suggest you find out something more about the guys immediately! Anyway, they have made us laugh so many times by going through the stereotypes America has, and this time they will show us how much fun you can have with RC cars! Check Out the DUDE PERFECT RC EDITION! The video is made in collaboration with one of the best RC manufacturer in the country – TRAXXAS! However, the video will show you that they really are the best!

The guys will show you many disciplines they`ve come up with using RC cars! The first one is “Running on water” where a small C car will go over a whole pond without drowning! Second, even better, “The High Speed Pass Through” where an amazing stunt was performed as an RC truck went between the wheels of an already moving REAL truck!

The guys performed many other stunts, but as always, in their own humorous and creative way! Enjoy the DUDE PERFECT RC EDITION video!

At last, click here to see the collection of RC cars used in the video!