Good Test Drive of a Traxxas-01! The Fastest RC Car in The World!

If you really like and get turned on these small racing machines, than I`m sure the video you are about to se will make some inspiring impression on you. The footage is not that great, but well enough to see that this Traxxas-01 is probably The fastest RC car I have ever seen.

I know that some of you may not agree with me on the claim of this being the fastest RC or RTR car I have seen, but I can not help that impression. I mean, wait till you just see the video bellow, but this little toy is really fast. Despite the focus of the camera not being so great, but it is more than clear that it is running fast.

I hope that the next video these guys will upload will be from speed testing and I think that will be the moment which all of us would like to see.

Just listen to the sound the little one is making, truly awesome! Hope you will enjoy the video guys.

Enjoy the video below!

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