Nissan GT-R vs Ducati vs Lamborghini Reventon Race! A Showdown of BEASTS! is here once again to give the best races that are out there! So, can we start? This one is great as it has two AMAZING cars and a MOTORBIKE to compete! We are talking about a Lamborghini Reventon, a Nissan GTR and a Ducati Bike! The video contains 3 races and in the first one you can see all of them as they race at the same time! It is definitely a treat to see a Nissan GT-R vs Ducati 1098 vs Lamborghini Reventon race! All of these incredible machines are fast, but only one can be the victor! In this standing start race, the 693 horsepower Lamborghini Reventon had a really bad start, and it was left behind in a matter of seconds! The Ducati 1098 took the lead and for a moment, seemed to be too fast for the Nissan!

Nonetheless, we have seen time and time again why should not doubt the Nissan GT-R and why it is one of the best race cars in the world! It accelerated to a whopping 188 miles per hour and passed the Ducati 1098 at the very end! Mightily impressive for the 580 horsepower Nissan GT-R with launch control! However, later on we have a clash between the Lambo and the Nissan where the GTR wins thanks to the great launch! Even though the Lamborghini Reventon had a much better start in the second race, it was still no match for the powerful Nissan GT-R! We are certain that this Nissan GT-R vs Lamborghini Reventon race would have ended differently if the race was a bit longer, but nonetheless, it was still excellent! A rolling start race was next and the GTR wasn`t so great at that one! Take a look! The true power of the Lamborghini Reventon is finally unleashed in this race! Although the Nissan GT-R was able to keep up for a few seconds, its efforts proved futile in the end! Watch this amazing Drag Race: Lamborghini Reventon vs Nissan GT-R vs Ducati!

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