Muscle VS Sports Car! Mustang Mach1 VS NEW Nissan GTR!

Once again we have another DRAG race to satisfy our senses. This time we have to show you a race between an American MUSCLE vs SPORTS car. We are talking about the Ford Mustang Mach1 and the Nissan GTR. You can probably guess which car is going to win when you see the burnout, put please be patient. The burnout is actually only the beginning of the excitement. A beginning with lots of smoke and great car stability. After that, the cars are heading to the starting line and wait for the green light.

The red light is off, and here they go!! When the Ford Mustang Mach1 starts the race you get the impression like the car shell is going to separate from the suspension!! It seems that it won`t drive, it will jump all the way to the end because of its power. Unfortunately for the Nissan GTR, it looked like it didn`t stand a chance this time. But wait until the end. Wait till you see what the numbers say. It is more uncertainly what is going to happen because you can`t see how the cars cross the finish line.