Motocross Genius TRAVIS PASTRANA Does What He Knows Best!

Going on an off-road ride with any kind of vehicle is without a doubt an experience worth remembering! It other words, it is the utmost type of adventure. As a matter of fact, we have presented you numerous articles related to off-road adventures. Whether is it something really awesome, or something that make us laugh. Either way, off-road thrills will always have a special place in gearheads` hearts and this time we will show you the experience of Travis Pastrana.

The video you are about to watch shows us an off-road experience from a whole different level. It features a well-known motorbike rider who is famous for his unbelievable stunts! The one and only Travis Pastrana! The performed trick in this recording will leave you in awe and you will most likely press play several times in a row, analyzing what just happened!

Trust us, we are speaking from our personal experience! What this man does is beyond belief. We wonder how he thinks of such stunts. Apparently you have to be born with that trait. See how Mr. Pastrana performs double air flip! Also, the fact that he performs it at an amazing height make it even more stunning than it sounds! Anyway, could you be honest and tell us how many times you watched it?

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