TIM KNOLL Defies The Laws Of Physics With His STUNTS!

BMX was the first “real” bike for the most of us. Several years later, we would`ve put the BMX in the garage, and substitute it with a bigger 18 speed bike. However, the love for the BMX never disappeared. Maybe the 18-speeder is better for longer distance trips, but if you have that stunt flame inside of you, the BMX is definitely the ignitor of that flame. Anyway, the video you are about to see presents us a real bike stunt talent, Tim Knoll, who obviously has a gift to perform stunts that we do not see every day.

If you haven`t heard of Tim Knoll, now is the best time to find out who he really is. There is no introduction needed. In fact, the tricks he does speak for him! They will leave you breathless! You won`t believe what is this guy capable of! Hats down mister! He spins and flips the bike, uses it as a somersault ramp, dunks and gets back on it. He plays with that bike like he was born with it!

P.S. Have you ever heard about Kyle Sliger?! This talented biker will leave you speechless with the stunts he performs on his Kawasaki Ninja 636.