Journey From the Original CHALLENGER to the NEW MODEL!

We all have our dream car, and it has always been the same, ever since the cars became so much present in people`s lives. But not many are the ones who dedicate all of their passion and devotion to only one particular brand and model, like this fellow that you are about to see in the video below that we have prepared for this article. Here we have one true Dodge Challenger guy, who had spent all of his life driving the original Challenger models, starting with his very first one that he had bought in 1987, an original 1970 Dodge Challenger that was used as a drag race car, which he had kept to this very day.

The car is pretty much the same as when he bought it, with the exception of the wheels and the exhaust, and as he says, every time he drives it, there is still a little bit of an adrenaline rush that he can feel.

And of course, there is the new Dodge Challenger. Just as many of us, he was also impressed with the design of it, how it manages to keep the spirit of the 70s car, in conjunction with the modern and futuristic design. The front grill, the lights…so very close to the original Challenger.

However, his final conclusion and answer to the question which one would he choose if he had to make that choice, the answer is…Well, I think that you better watch the video and find out the whole story. I think that you are going to enjoy it.