Do You Know The Key Differences Between The TUNERS & RICERS? Here Are The ANSWERS!

Do You Know The Difference Between the TUNERS & RICERS? These words are often incorrectly used as synonyms, but there are key differences between them! “Tuner” (tjuːnə — noun) — “it`s a person who does performance modifications before the vehicle`s appearance modifications. The “Ricer” does the opposite thing! This informational video we are sharing with you will not only teach you the difference between the words, but also the differences between the cars and the drivers! There is a big difference between a tuner car and a ricer car. Unlike tuner cars, which are modified to have a better performance, ricer cars are “modified“ to only look better! Their performance can sometimes be really disappointing and funny at the same time! The first key difference between these two types of car is the sound coming from the exhaust. As it is said in the video, a tuner`s exhaust will sound quite pleasantly. On the other hand, a ricer`s exhaust sound will make you cover your ears!

Another one of the key differences between these two types of cars is their performance at a ¼ mile drag track. Tuner cars can have impressive results in a ¼ drag race. A 1998 Honda Civic tuner is shown in the video, and it manages to develop a 129mph in 10.7 seconds. It might not be the best time in the world, but it is still impressive. A Honda ricer however, is a completely different story. As it is shown in the video, the Honda ricer had a lot of trouble on the track and needed 19 seconds to get to the finish line! These are just 2 key differences between tuners and ricers.  If you want to know all of them, watch the video below! Also, the creator of the video informs us that riced out cars can be from anywhere, and probably forgot to say that most tuner cars are Japanese. With that being sorted out, we leave you to enjoy the video!

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