Paul Walker’s Last Visit of MINE’s Tuning Temple in Japan! Anyone?

If you are one of the fans of Paul Walker or a fan of the one of the best sports cars out there, the Japanese `rockets`, Nissan GTR, than you are really going to enjoy the following seven minute video. It is a video clip from Paul`s visit of Japan`s Mine’s Motorsports tuning center, so prepare your self good for some awesome models of all generations of the Nissan GTR series, Skyline R34, GTR R35, V-Spec and other modified examples of Japan`s best.

So, we have the famous Paul Walker, one of Japanese best known and legendary race drivers, Tarzan Yamada (whom you may know as a judge in American Formula Drift), and the show can start. The guys go around for a few spins, to test some of Tarzan`s favorite GTR models, and as you can imagine, the temperature is starting to rise.

If any of this sounds interesting and appealing to you, if you want to find out what Paul is thinking about those awesome cars, how he experience them, and how does it fell to be inside some of the best GTR tuners out there, than watch the video and do not forget to tell us your opinion about it.

Enjoy the video below!

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