Diesel Truck vs Fuel Cell Truck! Toyota is Working to Make This Great Vision a Reality!

The vision about trucks that will produce zero emissions is slowly but surely becoming a reality. Inspired by the latest technologies and innovations, this year, Toyota opened a portal to the future of trucks that will produce zero emissions and has made a lot of tests. One of them was the Diesel Truck vs Fuel Cell Truck test, done in order to show the difference and the benefits of having the last as part of our everyday life. The Japanese automotive manufacturer has sent these two trucks -- a diesel truck and a fuel cell powered truck, at the 710 Freeway (direction south). With bumper to bumper the semis were hauling cargo to and from the famous Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. The results are quite astonishing as they clearly show the enormous benefits Fuel Cell powered trucks offer.

To watch this Diesel Truck vs Fuel Cell Truck test video, just go below the text and start imaging the world with these efficient trucks. As you will see, the fuel cell powered trucks are quiet and move way much faster in comparison with the diesel trucks we have been using so far. The emissions free advantage of these trucks is just a reason plus for having them as soon as possible. Apparently, Toyota will be among the first companies that will try to make this achievable.

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