It`s always sunny and funny on the countryside! When you don`t have much work in the field, you can spend some time inventing stuff, why not? When we say inventing stuff, we think of something new that might (or might not) be useful in the future! What we have here is such a unique invention that will attract your attention right away coming all the way from Poland! It is a question of a machine that is supposed to serve as an 8 wheel off road vehicle.

We are not sure how to refer to this 8 wheel off road vehicle, because it doesn`t have a name! Nevertheless, there are some interesting facts about this unit. The first one is that it is built totally from scratch and it is not finished yet! These farmers are active both in the field and in the garage! Thumbs up! If they continue with its development, it can become the ultimate off road vehicle. Second, its light construction gives the ability to move freely off road. In addition the power comes from a Fiat 126p engine and it has all wheel drive. All of this makes it different from the other vehicles with the same purpose.