Crazy Truck Burnout! Spinning All Eight Rear Tires And Rolling Coal!

Don`t know about you, but when I was little, I was dreaming BIG! And by BIG, I mean driving a huge 18 wheeler for the rest of my life! Cruising down the highway in my enormous cabin, honking to people! Ugh… kids. Anyway, that dream didn`t really came alive, so I ended up here reporting to all the gearheads in the world about amazing stuff coming out of that Gearhead world! However, we have an amazing burnout here combined with the rolling coal technique performed not by an 18 wheeler but by a totally cool and crazy truck, whatsoever! The crowd is going wild as the performance show begins, the burnouts are massive and the rolling coal goes very high while it combines with the tire smoke and melts into perfect harmony!

It amazes us every time when this truck spins its eight rear tires. So turn up the volume people! We guarantee you won`t regret it! This is a sound that you can`t here it quite often! Such an amazing truck! It reminds us of a smoke producing factory! Both from the exhaust pipes and the tires as well. The narrator makes everything sound even better! However, besides the fun this truck gives us, we have to think of the environment too. We have said it many times, but it will do no harm if we remind you once again. Enjoy this kind of stuff responsibly. And one more thing, pay attention to the sound when the truck passes by the camera, it is priceless.

Watch now this crazy truck burnout on the video bellow and enjoy the sound! Don`t you just love the gearhead life? Ladies and Gentlemen, crazy truck is doing a burnout for you!

Finally, if you want to see an amazing Diesel Truck doing cool burnouts, follow this link!