CRAZY Dually Dodge Pickup Massive BURNOUT! DIESEL POWER!

It is always a pleasure to see something completely unexpected from a vehicle. We never would have imagined that this dually Dodge pickup truck can put on such a show! After watching this video, we knew that it deserved to be featured on this website! Yes, we see rubber burnouts quite often, but not like the one this Diesel Dodge is performing! Just take a look at that smoke from the rubber, combined with the other one from the exhaust coming out! And we would not expect anything less from a Pickup Truck with such a massive diesel engine, when the go paddle is pressed hard, along with the brakes. The result could not be anything else but a total destruction of a good set of new tires and massive amounts of smoke! Like we mentioned before, we didn`t expect anything like this from this Dodge pickup truck, but we were pleasantly surprised! Watching this video puts us in a better mood, and we are absolutely certain that you will feel the same effect as well!

Unfortunately, this is the only burnout this dually Dodge pickup truck made! This was due to the police shutting it down. This video was made in Winchester, Kentucky, in the time when the so called Thoroughbred Diesel 5th Annual Judgement Day was being celebrated. It would have been so good to see it do at least one more incredible burnout! However, life can be harsh sometimes, and we will have to be satisfied with only one showing. We are certain that there will be more of this Diesel Dodge in the future. If you think you have a better rubber burning skills, show us your video! Until that moment comes, feel free to enjoy the amazing burnout done by this dually Dodge pickup truck!

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Enjoy the video below!

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