1100HP DODGE RAM Truck SMOKES Turbo SUPRA & Supercharged VIPER! Striking And Flawless Win!

Once in a year, during Spring Break, there is an event in this country! The very best and fastest Street Sports Cars gather around for a race! It is the moment that every Gearhead around the States is waiting for! Well, here is a great DRAG race that took place at the TX2K13! We would like to present to you a certain truck that left its mark here! It is an 1100 pickup TRUCK that left behind many AWESOME cars such as a Toyota Turbo Supra and a Supercharged Viper! You will not believe how STRIKING this win was!!!

If there is someone who betted on the Dodge Ram truck earned some serious buck here! Because, who would`ve guessed that a Dodge Ram truck could`ve annihilated a Turbo Supra and a Supercharged Viper! However, we guess that those people who betted on the Dodge Ram are very few or do not exist at all! Because no one in the right mind would`ve betted on a Dodge Ram against these two supercars!

However, the Dodge Ram truck with its 1100HP and 1900 ft-lbs of torque totally smoked the Turbo Supra and Viper! We can often see supercars with 1100HP and that amount of torque, but a truck?! Damn!  The funniest thing is that these races are not even close! The Dodge Ram launches like a rocket on this dragstrip and never looks back! And just look at all that black smoke it leaves in its wake! So freaking awesome!

The driver of this truck is a pretty laid back and soft spoken individual. And he has every right to be like that with a beastly truck which performs like this! He sure has some vast tuning expertise. Because he managed to make a real drag race monster out of his truck!


P.S. For those who are concerned for ecology and call this beast a planet killer, we would like to add that volcano eruption produces more CO2 than one average family for 10 centuries…

At last, if you want to see a Dodge Ram smashing a ZL1 Camaro, follow this link!