Dodge Ram Cummins DESTROYS Nissan GTR! Is There A DEMON Under That Truck’s Hood???

If there is a good drag race video out there, you can be sure we will find it and we will share it! Such is the case with this incredible race we stumbled upon! Dodge Ram Cummins DESTROYS a Nissan GTR! Is There A DEMON Under That Truck`s Hood??? We are sure this truck has no serious mods! It is obvious that only the exhaust is modded , and probably there are some software upgrades. No matter what that truck has below the bonnet, it was enough to beat a drag race beast like the Nissan GTR! We will know from now on not to doubt a Dodge Ram Cummins! We would have never guessed that a truck can defeat a sports car, but we were proven wrong!

As you may know diesel engines are like rotary engines, the more air and fuel you put, the more power it gets. All this, for about $1000. Although it is not environmentally friendly, it does give a lot of power to a car! This is the only thing that matters in a drag race! The race was really close though. The Dodge Ram Cummins had much better start than the Nissan GTR, and quickly took the lead. The Nissan GTR regained control and came closer to the Dodge. Just when it looked like the Nissan GTR will take the lead, the drag race ended! What was the final result? The Dodge Ram Cummins managed to pass the finish line in 12.20 seconds with a speed of 111.66 miles per hour! Although it passed the finish line with a speed of 117.19 miles per hour, the Nissan GTR needed 13 seconds the reach it! This ultimately led to its defeat. What else can we say, other than DO NOT MESS WITH AMERICAN TRUCKS!

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Enjoy the video below!

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5 thoughts on “Dodge Ram Cummins DESTROYS Nissan GTR! Is There A DEMON Under That Truck’s Hood???

  1. KB

    It’s obvious the guy in the GTR either can’t drive or wasn’t giving it all it had. Not to mention, in a race like this, it probably wasn’t head to head like you see in real drag racing. That GTR does 0-60 in 2.6 seconds and has a quarter mile time under 11 seconds. With someone who can drive it, that truck would get destroyed.

    1. Big Daddy Diesel

      Cummins turbo diesel.

    2. bigdaddy diesel

      One other thing. Head to head is something you apparently have no clue to as well.
      Head to head would be what this was. Hense taking off at the exact same time.

  2. GTR 2013 owner

    I do 9.008 with my GTR last friday on sanair track!

  3. Chris

    Race for pinks against all dodge trucks and you could start a sales lot. I have dodge 1500 and wouldn’t be that dumb.

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