Like In The Movies! Construction Workers Catch Thieves In Courageous Act! Respect!

When some thieves show up to your construction site, look around and attempt to take some equipment or materials, what do you do? Most people wouldn`t care, just placing themselves deep in their comfort zones instead of acting on the issue. However, these construction workers wouldn`t take it – they engage in a daredevil, courageous act to deter the thieves from their intent! One of them jumps on the thieves` car and the others engage in a chase that unavoidably ends in a huge crash. The neighbor runs out of her home to see what`s going on, but as the chase approaches her again, she runs back in.

However, the construction workers didn`t run away – instead, they chased the thieves through the street, both on foot and in their truck. The security footage shows them pursuing the thieves while going to some really high extremes and engaging in a real courageous act in order to stop their stuff from being stolen. This just demonstrates that crime doesn`t really pay, especially if you run into some guys that don`t care for it and will do anything to stop you from your intention. Props to the brave construction workers, they`re real upstanding citizens!

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