2016 NISSAN GT R NISMO Presentation For The ARAB GT!

I`m pretty much sure that if I say that the people from the Middle East, or the Arab world if you will, are big time Gearheads, and that they are totally crazy about great looking, powerful and fast rides, I would not tell you anything new. Besides the fact that you know that yourself, all of you who are following us on a regular basis, have had numerous and various opportunities to see many video clips with all kinds of Detroit muscles, some of those expensive European supercars, and of course, the one and only Nissan GTR, with Arab people behind the wheel! This presentation is however, for ARAB GT!

Now, when we are talking about the Nissan GTR R35, every fan of this legendary Japanese brand knows well that the Nismo variants are the best and most powerful examples in the entire lineup. And we all also know that when it comes to the rich sheiks, they never compromise for anything else but the best and the most expensive. So if one of them decides to buy the new 2016 GTR, it would probably be the Nissan GTR Nismo version! And the following clip is actually a TV presentation for them, or for the Middle Eastern market, to be more exact.

And even though you won`t understand a word of what the guy is saying, you won`t be disappointed if you just watch the video, if you want to see the new Nismo in action. By the way, when it comes to its specs, I will tell you in short that there are no major upgrades that will make much different then the 2015 model. The well known 3.8 liter turbocharged inline-six motor is pretty much unchanged, the same goes for the transmission and every other important technical part. I guess that the already perfect setup and the popularity amongst the clients, made it so.

Now, check out the video below and see how the new 2016 Nissan GTR Nismo looks like, and behaves on the track! Did Arab GT like it? But if you want to find out something more about it and read a full review, go to this link.