1000HP DODGE CUMMINS That Can Take On Any Sports Car!

Even if one if not some big time truck fan, when you come across such an awesome built, like the following Dodge Cummins, that can do so much damage on the strip, and make a lot of sports cars and famous Detroit muscles look like an ordinary cars, it is impossible not to like! And when it comes down to the drag strip performance capabilities, we have all seen numerous and various diesel powered trucks that can run as fast as hell, but there are not many sock block examples, like this 1000hp Dodge Ram Cummins. It is simply outstanding!

Using a little bit of help from a lot of boost, this great looking rig is giving a total output to a 1 000 HP and about 1 600 pound feet of torque, followed by some really exciting drag passes. The following video clip that we have prepared in this article is showing us this four-wheel drive monster battling another truck and a car, and making two consecutive 10 second wins.

So check it out and see this impressive 1000hp Dodge Cummins in action, and later on, tell us what you think about it in the comment section below. And if you want to see another great drag battle between a Dodge Ram Cummin and a Ford Mustang, click here.