The BIGGEST WHEEL LOADER In The World! Check Out This Giant!

This is one of the most interesting and most informational videos we have had so far here at! The video represents the Biggest Wheel Loader in the whole World, manufactured in Texas.

BIGGEST WHEEL LOADER In The World 2300HP L-2350 1

The Le Tourneau Inc. holds the Guinness World Record for this 2300 Horsepower Earth Mover -- Biggest Wheel Loader! By knowing the fact that it holds a Guinness World Record you know that this is something BIG! The company builds these GIANTS to load coal, gold and copper as well as other minerals in equally giant trucks! We`ll have a word with Paul L. Griffin, the Product Manager at LeTourneau Inc. who will explain us a little bit more about the LETOUERNAU L-2350!

It has 16 cylinder 65.0 L Detroit Diesel TurboCharged Engine with 2300 Horsepower! Moreover, the hydraulic lifting payload weights 72 tons, whereas the operational weight is 258 tons!

This loader has the biggest tires in the World, guys from LeTourneau could not find truck as big as they needed so they had to separately design the World`s largest tires! And it’s not only the tires that are huge, its bucket can accommodate the whole building crew inside it! That’s almost 30 people! Can you even imagine something that big?!

Well, that is probably why it is the BIGGEST WHEEL LOADER in the World! The Loaders are part of the excavator family, but it was not until after WW2 when they started producing them. If you ever wish to own one of these giant babies, be ready to empty your pockets, since this one costs $1.5M! You probably won’t reach in you pocket for that kind of money, but that’s not important! At least you live in the same era with this GIANT!

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