FORD 350 Truck With 54” TIRES For Your SNOWY ADVENTURE!

The spring is already here, but it does not matter. We still have some snowy videos for those who prefer winter! This particular video is recorded in Iceland where the spring is not warm. Yes, there is sun but in order to move around the island you will have to use some of these big boys! One of them is the largest pick-up truck that is also allowed to drive on the streets of Europe! The Ford 350 truck!

It has huge tires that could be considered as tractor tires – 54 inch! This video shows its capabilities in severe icy conditions. If you have this truck on your disposal you don`t have to worry about your travel from point A to point B. Also, you can easily notice how this particular vehicle has less or no problem at all moving through the show. It is often ahead of everyone to make a path for the rest of the crew. These guys are so cool and relaxed they are listening to summer songs while driving on the snow! Moreover, you can see the Ford 350 truck passing a little pond without any problem, because it is high enough. Its height has a real purpose here.

At last, if you want to see how Fredric Aasbo does a wild snow drift with a Toyota Supra in Norway, follow this link.