Where Is Charley Hutton From American Hot Rod Now?!

Charley Hutton definitely resides in the all-time greats club of automotive fabricators and painters. This guy has made a portfolio of awards and work that many take an entire lifetime to achieve. However, he is best known for being part of the famous television show- American Hot Rod. When your favorite TV show is off the air, you are always left to wonder what happened to those guys that worked on all those wild machines you liked. However, you can be certain that talents like these always find something ingenious to do.

Charley Hutton From American Hot Rod Now 2

Charley Hutton even managed to increase his game. In this video you are about to see an exclusive interview with Hutton who tells us everything we want to know about him after the show went off the air. Charley Hutton, as we previously mentioned is a master painter. This guy can take a simply blank canvas and turn it into immense art. He used these skills to expand his immense talent even further. Charley now owns a Color Studio that`s located in Idaho.

This interview occurred at the SEMA Show in 2015 and it`s produced by the YouTube channel –BlacktopTV. He goes to say everything surrounding his color studio and what`s next for him in the automotive world. After American Hot Rod went off the air, he had the chance to work with some of the best car shops in the world.

In this video you`ll also be able to see some of his work presented at the SEMA Show as well.

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