Want To Change A Tire Quick?! The Titan Exhaust Car Jack Lifts Your Car With One Awesome Balloon!

With this contraption, forget crawling under your vehicle to place a jack. The company also claim that this is the safest, fastest, and most practical manner to jack a vehicle. It`s called the Titan Exhaust Car Jack and you can see it in the video below. It works by using an inflatable balloon and hose attached to an idling car`s tailpipe in order to lift the vehicle off the ground. However, the exhaust jack must not be placed under the car`s brake lines, fuel tanks, or other parts that could be crushed by the vehicle`s weight. Placing it under hot and sharp parts must be avoided as well.

Doing all of that, requires a bit of crawling. It also requires some mechanical knowledge in order to know which parts to avoid. So, before buying it, we also need to do some research to see if that back pressure is good for your engine. We may also need a couple of jack stands just in case. Nevertheless, the Titan exhaust car jack looks awesome for lifting cars in slippery conditions and irregular surfaces. Being said that, it may become the off-road`s favorite. Take in mind that the gasses inside the balloon are toxic, so inhaling them must be avoided. Watch the video below where you can see this exhaust jack in action lifting a full sized car.

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