20M VIEWS! Massive Caterpillar 797 Haul Truck Dwarfed By Its MONSTROUS CARGO! GARGANTUAN Mining Truck!

The Caterpillar 797 haul truck is renowned for behind the ultimate off-highway, two-axle and mechanical powertrain American machinery. It is the world leader when it comes to heavy-duty construction and high-production mining worldwide. Of all Caterpillar models, the 797 represents the manufacturer`s biggest and highest capacity trucks. It can transport up to 363 tons of cargo with a maximum speed of 40 mph. To be able to run with such a huge cargo, it has an engine that produces 3,211HP. In this video, you can see this glorious mega machine in a completely different light. It is transporting one monstrous cargo that is completely dwarfing the truck.

In fact, the cargo is so huge, that it needs the assistance of one more haul truck behind it to distribute all of that weight better. If not, the amount of weight that the cargo has can greatly damage the asphalt. That`s why you don`t see it touching the asphalt with its massive fat tires. This truck is not allowed to go outside of this mining excavation area because it can be a great menace to society. This Caterpillar 797 haul truck is operating in the Chilean desert near the port city of Antofagasta. Check out the video below and bask upon this mega machine made by creative humans.

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