Toyota’s SLEEPER CAMRY Raise Its Body And Shocks You!

What we have today is a MUST SEE! We know you have heard this thousands of times but this one is for real! What if we told you that one day you will walk by someone who will simply raise the body of his car and another one will come out beneath! Of course, you do not believe us. Don`t worry, we did not expect much either. But your inconvenience is due to your lack of information! Have you ever seen or heard about Toyota`s Sleeper Camry? We suppose not!

But it is not too late, we have a video that will literally shock you! Built by the very best mechanics Toyota has to offer, this MONSTER is ready for the streets! Toyota`s race division guys are the ones to blame for this extraordinary vehicle! It hides monster performances underneath the hood such as a TRD Supercharger 5.7L and a V8 engine paired to a nitrous system!!! When you add the “carception” moment to all of these performances you get this powerful machine we call TOYOTA SLEEPER CAMRY! Don`t wait any longer, click on the video bellow and be amazed!

Plus, if you want to see the debut of the model at SEMA 2014, follow this link.