We Give You The Custom Built Toyota Tacoma Project! Breath Taking, Invisible And Body Dropped!

What we have here is a video of a 2001 Toyota Tacoma project, still in progress, with a dropped body and fully functional engine and many (as you can probably presume) custom made components. It also has very cool looking 18 inch Niche Rhines wheels, original looking control arms, a lot of chromed motor components, completely functional A/C, regular Toyota 4-runner electric rear window, and that is probably it – everything else is still under construction or waiting to be mounted.

This cool-wanna-be 2001 Toyota Tacoma is a project of Chris Simonson, who obviously could not wait until the whole thing is done and ready to go out there in the world of cars, but simply had to record it, while it is still `half dressed`. Sometimes, the will and desire to try out the car on which you put a lot of effort, time and cash to make it your dream vehicle is simply to big to wait until it is all done. We hope that this Toyota Tacoma project will be the real dream!

And it was very good of Chris Simonson to make a footage of this truck while the body is dropped. It`s so cool to see a truck in motion without the body while the truck is under construction. We get to see a very cool sight because the engine is fully visible without its hood. And without the trailer from behind we can even take a glimpse at the suspension and axles. All of this while in motion. Pretty cool you have to agree!

Thus, on the following video we have Chris taking out his `soon to be car` out for a spin.

And from what we can see, things are looking very promising – it should be very cool ride in a short period of time. And we don`t doubt that. Because his truck is pretty cool to drive without its body kit, we just can`t imagine what this truck will bring us when completed!

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