These 7 Car Features Have Simply Disappeared!

There are tons of things that have been changed, modified or have completely disappeared ever since the first production cars came to our streets. This concept of new things coming to the scene has not stopped ever since. Thus, we take a look at this video featuring 7 car features that can no longer be found in modern cars i.e. they have completely disappeared over time. First things first, have you forgotten about those vast bench seats that were able to fit more than three people at the front?

Car Features Disappeared 2

Of course you have hence modern cars that are produced in well developed countries no longer make them due to safety precautions. They are extremely unsafe, and in an accident they will fold up causing serious injuries to the people who are sitting. Next we take a look at tail fins. There futuristic looking designs that cars have in the past were mostly inspired by the looks of airplanes. This concept of having your car the furious looking tail fins was a big deal back in the days, but modern cars no longer come with them.

Furthermore on our list we take a look at yet another of the 7 car features that have disappeared over time, and that is an antenna. Modern cars simply do not have those long folding antennas, which were once proof of great progress in the car industry. These days they are simply embedded in the car and are no longer so visible. Check out the video for more car features that are simply gone!

Lastly, these are the 10 old car features people want the most!