Drool Over This Candy Lime Gold Tahoe On 30-Inch DUB RIMS!

Watch this amazing video with the Candy Lime Gold Tahoe On 30-Inch DUB RIMS!!

Every enthusiastic car owner tries to make his/hers own car as striking as possible to make it stand out of the crowd. Hence it will attract everyone`s attention and will make people pointing their fingers to it (for a good reason). This car you are about to see, fulfills this criteria. First of all, it is very easy to notice it due to its size. And when it comes to size, not only this vehicle is big per se but also has big wheels that match the paintjob. Second, the Hulk “tattoo” on the trunk door, makes it even more distinguishable.

Finally, check out this 2013 Tahoe!

Enjoy the video below!

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