Candy Red Tahoe Truck on 30-Inch DUB Mogul Rims! (HD)

Check Out This Candy Red Tahoe on 30-Inch DUB Mogul Rims On the HD Video Below!

If you had the chance to go to the ROCK HARD bike and car show in South Carolina, you would have seen this pretty cool Chevrolet Tahoe, totally modified!!! Its owner, obviously wanted to do something different so he gave the body a Candy Red Color which is great! The interior is also amazing with the peanut butter and red color seats!!! Anyway what gave it the final look, are the 30″ DUB Mogul RIMS! Some would say that the car would look better with 32″ RIMS but we think that would be TOO MUCH!!! Anyway, take a look at the footage and decide for yourself!

Looking amazing! This is at the Rock Hard show in Rock Hill, SC.

Anyway, the Chevy Tahoe is BIG!

Enjoy the video below!

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