Jeep Wrangler Sitting Firmly on 32 Inch Asanti Rims!

Check out this Wrangler on 32 Inch Asanti Rims!

Check out this CLASSIC JEEP WRANGLER and his proud owner that has put so much effort in making his ride one of a kind! He figured out that his Jeep Wrangler was not going to be a boring SUV designed to go off-road, but a real FANCY MONSTER!!! In addition, he equipped his ride with 32″ ASANTI RIMS and made it the king of the streets in that matter! Moreover, he installed hydraulics as his Jeep now goes up and down with a simple touch of a button!!! Are you impressed enough? Take a look at the video and be even MORE IMPRESSED!

However, we personally think a Wrangler should be seen in this edition!

Enjoy the video below!


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