Here we go with a new video that is going to give you the pleasure of watching those `familiar` scenes when we have some fancy and top notch sports or muscle car, that gets completely blown away by an unsuspected `culprit`! Of course, I cannot say or claim it for all of us, but I`m pretty sure that there are more than just a few amongst you, who enjoy watching such scenes, just as I do. Want to see the powers of this 1970 Chevelle Wagon?

Someone may argue that it is not ethically a good thing to get such satisfaction from that type of scene, and that having a joyful face watching a Nissan GTR or some powerful muscle monster being humiliated on the strip by an old station wagon, is being wicked. But for those people, I will just remind them that after all, this is still just a sport, and people are doing it for having fun as well, not just to prove their strength, mechanical knowledge and the power of their rides!

Our pick for today is truly an ultimate sleeper. It is a 1970 Chevelle Wagon, which belongs to a muscle car collector named Dan Crampton. But before it got to him, this `70 Chevelle changed hands on many occasions. But after he got it, Dan shaped it out, equipped it with a 533ci short deck Chevy motor, with aluminum small port cylinder heads, mated to a turbo 400 transmission. The man sitting behind the wheel of this former grocery getter, is Steve Quickel, an experienced hotshot racer who is making the owner proud!

But you better have a look at the video clip below, and see this awesome sleeper in action yourself, as it is running within the 10 second barrier and smoking its opponents! So check it out and enjoy!

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