C7 Corvette VS BMW M3! TENSION At The Start, FAIL In The End!

Racing is not all about having the fastest car. Skills, nerves, calmness and concentration are included as well. Never get too excited, don`t let the atmosphere enchant you, and NEVER lose control over your vehicle! You don`t what to put your life and lives of others at risk for a Drag Race, don`t you? Check out this one, sounds pretty exciting – C7 Corvette VS BMW M3! Lot of tension at the beginning, as both cars can`t wait to start! Engines roar, tires warmed up, this should be a hack of a race!

And then we get to the point where the Corvette driver proves that he can`t handle that big engine and almost wrecks it. A huge disappointment as the crowd expects something different, something to talk about later on. You should not get behind the wheel, if you have not finished you driving lessons yet!!! Let us just hope that in near future we can see a real C7 Corvette VS BMW M3 drag race, where no one can get hurt and we`ll all be happy and talk about the race over and over again. For now, just click on the link and see how it shouldn`t be!

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