Black Mack Truck With Massive Burnout at the “Trucktoberfest”! What A BEAST!

The legend of the American open roads and highway is here and for the pleasure of all fans of burnouts, the iconic Black Mack Truck is demonstrating the power of a machine by doing some rubber burnouts and short drifts on an open road.

Aside the performance that gives you a goosebumps and makes you neck skin crawl, the sound of the machine is also a factor when it comes to feel the total power of such a monster truck.

From what I could have heard, there is serious equipment under the hood of this Black Mack, pretty much fit for a quarter mile distance competition. We do not know whether this monster truck had been used for something like that, but if it had not been yet, than it is definitely time to start doing it!

Enjoy the video below!

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